Behind the Scenes: WFH Edition

Working from home everyday is the new norm for many people around the world. Take a look at how people at Square are adapting.

When the office was still open, I had a ritual of making a cup of peppermint tea before I sat at my desk. This was the marker that told me it was time to get productive.

Almost five months have passed since the quarantine started, and it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the warm and energetic bustle of our office. While Square has always had a flexible work from home policy, I rarely worked remotely. Though it has been nice to be within the comforts of my home, I’ve had to do a lot of things differently. The time I normally use to get ready has been cut out, and now I jump straight into reading email and Slack messages. Now I keep my makeup kit on my desk so I can quickly put some on before I head into a video call. I’m trying to find new ways to be productive in my space. I’ve bought more plants and have rearranged my room a couple of times. I found a nice standing desk and a good pair of headphones. It’s clear that a lot of things have changed since early March, and yet some things still remain the same. Though my commute has been replaced with a morning walk with my dog, when I get back home, just before I go to my desk, I still heat up some water and make myself a cup of peppermint tea.

A Wacom tablet. Whether I am illustrating, sketching out ideas, or retouching, I like having my tablet close by.

Planner. I love writing and planning goals for work or personal projects on paper

Cup of tea. Pouring liquid makes me feel productive, almost more than drinking it.

Makeup. I usually put on makeup at my desk right before a video call.

Lots of plants. I work best in a jungle.

Creative spaces

Here are some other ways people at Square are designing their work space to be productive from home. Click each link to see the details.